Learning consultancy

It’s not always easy to identify which learning and development options best meet the unique needs of your staff and your business. Our consultants engage with you to understand where your organisation is right now, where it needs to go, and which learning pathways will take it there.

Whether you are looking to support your staff during change management or sharpen up their day-to-day performance, we will provide well-focused recommendations that help you to achieve real-world outcomes.

E-learning and blended learning

Exceptional workplace learning happens when smart, interactive design meets real-world needs. We will work with you to understand your business environment and what you really want to achieve – then we’ll design, develop and build a learning solution that helps you and your staff to get there.

Our experienced Instructional Design team can create an entire suite of online or blended learning products or a niche solution that integrates with your existing training solutions. If you’re not ready to move into the online space yet, we also produce innovative offline learning products for a wide variety of workplace and classroom-based training. It’s your choice.

Content writing and editing

Effective learning solutions require first-rate learning content. Our writers will work with your organisation to generate engaging and targeted content in any format, from e-learning materials and websites to training guides and reference manuals.

If you are just looking to update your existing materials, we can do that too. Your content will come up slick, polished, and fit for your organisation’s current needs.


Your e-learning programme needs a high-quality platform that is economical and easy to use. Our team of developers will design, develop, and host an LMS (Learning Management System) to support your e-learning products or provide support for your existing LMS. We can also implement a CMS (Content Management System) to ensure your staff have the resources they need at their fingertips.

Your LMS or CMS will be fully customised to your company brand so that your system looks and feels like an integral part of your business.

Custom apps

Sometimes off-the-shelf apps aren't quite the right fit; you need a creative solution that meets the unique needs of your business. If you’re looking to take your online or mobile tools to the next level, our design and tech team will work together to develop your very own bespoke app and provide ongoing support for it.